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School Houses

School houses at Arya Public High School, Mohalla Hatnala, Chamba

House name Captain House Master /Mistress
Himalayan House BUNTY SHARMA Ms. Pratibha
Dayanand House SANJAY THAKUR Mrs. Ranjna Deor


In the school, house system is introduced for harnessing the latent potentialities of the students through various house activities. The House System aims at bringing a close contact between the teachers and students. The students play a dominant role in this field. The House system indicates a healthy spirit of competition among the students.

House System is a time honoured tradition in all Public Schools. This practice of dividing a school’s strength in a few equal groups stems from the need to accomplish the difficult task of awarding equal opportunities to all students, in the field of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, to increase student participation, to maintain discipline in a large school and last but not the least to encourage and nurture a sporting spirit and the zeal to compete and emerge a winner.

The houses are managed at three levels, Primary, Middle and Senior. The House coordinators and activity in charge distribute the strength, coordinates all House functions and generally looks after the smooth running of the house system.

Each house is given house badge and the students have to wear House T-shirts on every Monday & Friday. At the students level Captains and Vice-Captains are selected on the basis of their overall performance.

The school discipline, House competitions and other duties like renewing the display board material, discipline and cleanliness are handed over in rotation to one House every week. During this week the House is also responsible for wall magazine and organising an informative programme for school assembly with items like current news, talk shows, science facts, poems and impressive speeches.

House activities are planned to realise the school vision i.e. imparting quality education with a holistic approach, creating global opportunities, enabling the students to excel in different arenas and enlighten the lives all around. The House System channelises the fresh flood of talent every year in novel fun filled competitions as well as the traditional ones to help bloom the blooding artists, musicians, doctors, actors, public speakers and leaders of tomorrow by providing a platform to them to strengthen, enrich and polish the individual talents. Many inter House activities like drawing & painting, declamations, debates, quizzes, mono acting, solo and group songs, solo and group dances, fancy dress, poem recitation, skit, talk shows are organised successfully. The students and staff together celebrate various National and Social festivals.